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  • 1997'den Bugüne Herkes için Eğitim ve Sağlık

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 Health And Education For All

INSEV established by the necessity of solidarity focused on the area of health and education. Health and education the basic universal human rights, have been abandoned to the market conditions both nationally and globally. This solidarity around the INSEV occurred by that reason. INSEV established at 1998 with 46 members from different occupation.

• Inform society, increase awareness about health care and education

• Give health and education services directly

• Study and research on these subjects

• Set up institutions to give these services

• Train staff for this purpose

• Solving the problems with solidarity and assist to social transformation

• Collaborate with other NGO’s, public and private institutions, local authorities in social and cultural activities especially at socio-economically undeveloped areas of the cities.


In addition, with the collaborations of many different institutions, we realized health surveliance especially for women and child in the districts of Istanbul, that demonstrates lower socio-economic profile. Labour health and security, as an other field of activity, is continuing in the form of training at the factories.

In the area of social service, we are active at Umraniye Mustafa Kemal Community Center since 1998 under the mutual protocol signed as co partner with Social Services and Child Protection Agency. In this center we realized many activities targeted to women and children.

We established an Alternative Children Library at 29 March 2006 for 2-14 years old children. Now more than 750 children from the area, are registered member of the library. It is alternative because other than books they can also borrow toys and CDs, they can listen tales in fixed times, they can attend some informative meetings directly related with the needs of them, they can watch the movies, etc. The whole service in the library is organized and coordinated by local initiative composed of two represantives of the children, teachers from the area, parents, volunteers of INSEV and other related people.

Also a women collective with 40 members is borne from the activities of community center. We are supporting them to solve their economic problems. We made together kitchen project on which they will cook and sell meal for 300 people per a day. This is an integrated project with its children room, etudes and neighborhoods local.


Right after 17 August 1999 earthquake, we executed a project called Tales House in Halıdere for rehabilitation of 2-6 years old children, firstly we started in a tent then in a prefabricate construction, served 3 years till the area normalized. We also trained 30 social services experts to serve in the earthquake area.


INSEV also studies on Right to Health, in this context we are working with regional and international health organizations, such as People’s Health Movement (PHM). As a Coordinator organization of PHM in Turkey, INSEV translated and published the main documents of PHM (People’s Charter for Health and Cuenca Declaration) in Turkish. We are organizing national and international meetings and supporting campaigns about Right to Health and Public Health Policies.


We set up INSEV Publication House to publish the books related with right to health, health policies, national and global health reforms, and other related topics. We translated and published two important books in this area: Dr John Lister’s Health Policy Reform: Driving the Wrong Way (Middlesex Un.Press, 2005) in May 2008 and Social Determinants of Health (Ed. Marmot and Wilkinson, Oxford University Press, 2006) in November 2009.
Fatih Artvinli
General Coordinator

INSEV Head Office
Sogutlucesme Cad.
Siftah Sok. Siftah Apt.
Phone: +90216 449 44 25
Fax: +90216 449 44 25

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